Former Morris Technologies employees start new advanced manufacturing business

We’ve rebranded! Vertex Manufacturing is now Zeda, Inc. Five years ago PrinterPrezz was formed by 4 founders with the idea of using advanced manufacturing technologies to better orthopedic implants. Today, we are a global company servicing all highly regulated industries, including medical, space, defense, and aerospace. Zeda represents the strengths of both PrinterPrezz and Vertex Manufacturing, and our focus on starting from Z to A: customer first, product after. 

Former Morris Technologies employees start new advanced manufacturing business

Vertex Manufacturing leverages decades of experience in manufacturing

Cincinnati, Ohio, June 15, 2020 – Greg Morris, founder of additive manufacturing pioneer Morris Technologies Inc. (MTI), and former MTI employee Steve Rengers have started a new company. Vertex Manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing company that leverages Morris’ and Rengers’ experience in both traditional and additive manufacturing.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vertex Manufacturing offers a range of initial services including advanced multi-axis CNC machining, additive manufacturing, rapid castings and final inspection of manufactured parts. Vertex is well suited to work with low volume/high mix type projects as well as medium volume production jobs. Vertex intentionally created maximum flexibility to meet customer specific requirements relative to technology selection and has structured the company to grow with customer demand.

“The innovative spirit that drove Morris Technologies, Inc. to become the premier global supplier of additive metal printing services and capabilities is now fueling our new company“ says Morris, CEO of Vertex Manufacturing. “Leveraging decades of experience with thousands of applications across a variety of industries, we deeply understand companies’ requirements, specifications, constraints and pain points. We are committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s quality and schedule requirements.”

“Greg and I are excited about this new chapter in our careers,” says Rengers, President at Vertex. “The company is officially launched and equipment is installed, including a Concept Laser M2 direct metal laser melting machine and the top-of-the-line Makino a61nx CNC machining center. We are ready to help customers with their advanced manufacturing needs and deliver high-quality products.”

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